Hope is open to receiving any children as potential school students, both Tanzanian and international, on an entirely non-discriminatory basis. Hope makes provisions for and accommodates wherever possible the partaking of all children whose families desire their enrolment. Whenever there is interest during the academic year, our management welcomes the prospective family for an informal discussion. When required, our Academic Coordinator then supplies internal assessment material to evaluate the child’s current stage of development, including language and reading capacity, and finally assigns a classroom accordingly, which is most often aligned with the child’s age.


All our lessons are taught in English. We offer Kiswahili classes as one of our afternoon Electives, so that students receive instruction on Tanzania’s national language once per week. Throughout each Hope classroom, all-school assemblies, and for all other written and spoken communication, English is our primary language used by all Hope members.

Our goal is for every one of our children to be prepared for success as learners and leaders anywhere, as achieved through utilising a world-renowned foundation.


As a school, teachers are encouraged to use Backwards Design as a curriculum planning tool. This encourages well-rounded lesson planning and evaluation aligned with goal-setting and progression. The aim is for all learners to finish each school year prepared for the standard of the next by adding age-appropriate rigour and critical thinking skills per term. Central to this curriculum design are Hope’s pedagogical values for creativity, curiosity and character. Our approach therefore remains flexible and adaptable, guided by expertise and in the interest of maximising the academic, mental, physical, emotional and social growth of each student.


Our educational aims and longer-term objectives underpin our application to become a Cambridge school. Principally, we hope to wholly adopt a comprehensive curriculum that will best serve our capable students through providing coherent and cohesive, rigorous, in-depth and thought-provoking learning experiences. Our goal is for every one of our children to be prepared for success as learners and leaders anywhere in the world as achieved through utilising a stable, renowned Cambridge foundation. By equipping each student with internationally recognised A*-C level IGCSEs in English, Maths, Science, IT and Global Perspectives as a minimum standard by the age of 16, we aim to propel our learners into further education and/or sufficient employment opportunities in Tanzania and beyond.