Experience Hope


My time working at Hope has already been so immensely, irreplaceably, indescribably special in so many ways.

From time with the students to learning from the staff, I have grown so much personally and professionally in my capabilities and understanding in this unique international environment. Full of challenges, inspiration, fun and creativity, I would recommend this time to anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure. - Em


Seeing the teachers light up after a successful, thoughtful, and creative lesson truly warms my heart.

As a Teacher Mentor, I have enjoyed all of my time spent with the Hope team. My highlight has been watching the teachers incorporate new ideas into their lessons. It’s a huge privilege to be a part of their professional development. - Marissa


Living beneath Kilimanjaro, in this micro-climate, waterfall wonderland has been a breathtaking experience.

The Hope teaching and student community thrives within a culture of enthusiasm and kindness and it’s been a huge delight to be a part of this team. As a volunteer, I’ve been taken care of with much generosity and I’m grateful for all the ways I’ve been championed here. - Josh


The community here is friendly, creative and joyful, and always offering a smile and a helping hand.

What’s most special about living and volunteering in Tanzania are the people. - Katie