There exists here an extraordinary level of tangible enthusiasm, connection and playfulness that forms the foundation of Hope’s holistic learning. 


In line with Hope’s core values of creativity and curiosity, our learning styles promote experiential, sensory nurturing of fine and gross motor skills during early years’ education to prepare for holistic success by Grade 1. Our teachers through this pedagogy are encouraged to explore and imagine, which is often foreign within a Tanzanian educational context. Teachers of older grades are, too, required to be inventive, resourceful and innovative as they teach. Using nature, performing arts and multimedia, Hope is already set apart from schools in the area, as it is countercultural and continually aiming far beyond the expected development of its staff and students. It is the international staff presence that has amplified this strength. In this way, we are setting our teachers up for great professional attainment as they learn from Tanzanians and internationals, and broaden their worldview. We are hardwired through our school’s values and ethos to raise up professionals with a clear sense of confidence, future opportunity and personal vision that will stand them in good stead for a teaching career anywhere in the world. It is the passion and goal of Hope leadership to provide the best possible platform for our incredible teachers.



Hope staff members welcome each student at the school gate every morning with cheers and high-5’s, produce weekly lunchtime dance parties come rain or shine, and lead monthly costume days, awards and presentations. Hope students are encouraged to become leaders in their environments by consistently engaging critically and inventively with their cultural differences, international dynamics, physical surroundings and expanding imaginations. The input of Hope parents and guardians is invited and implemented as a valuable contribution towards ongoing school accomplishments. Hope’s pursuit of academic excellence is matched by its desire to see each student progress mentally, emotionally and socially beyond expectations. A small school with a powerful, positive impact on the local community, Hope seeks to raise up the next generation of trailblazers prepared for success, solidity and pioneering.